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Dinosaur Encounter

……As you make your way up the hill to the Toy Museum you will encounter the life size dinosaurs guarding the entrance …. beware the PTERODACTYL ready to swoop down and attack…..


Marvel at the sheer size of the STEGOSAURUS which is 19ft tall…..!

……Look out for the terrible TYRANNOSAURUS REX but make sure he has been fed before you visit him…..

During your dinosour encounter don’t forget to visit our Archeology Hut where you can try your own hand at Paleontology by brushing away the sands of time to reveal hidden fossils such as a Velociraptors claw and Annonite Shells, some dating back from as long ago as 600 million years! To put this into perspective, the dinosaurs became extinct just 65 million years ago…..

The only direct way we have of learning about dinosaurs is by studying fossils. The study of the prehistoric world provides the individual with a lifelong interest that is as variable as it is dramatic in length of time from the initial building blocks of life, to the birth of insects, plants, dinosaurs and even mankind – the science of Paleontology.

Fossils inspire us to consider prehistoric life in the context of former environments and appreciate how global events have shaped the modern world.