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The Airborne Folding Bicycle

This was a light and practical means of transport for light troops with limited motorized transport, such as Airborne units, Army and Royal Marine Commando’s.

It could be air-dropped alone or carried by the paratrooper in the same way as the kit bag. On the MK2 model, the elliptical frame folded vertically along the center line by means of two articulated joints, tightened with butterfly nuts.

The pedals were replaced by simple rods, locked by a spring-loaded pin. When the frame was folded in the transport position, the wheels fitted over each other and were held together with straps. The pedal rods were pushed inwards so as not to stick out. A satchel could be hung on the frame between the legs; likewise, the rifle was held in place on special rests. The pack frame could be strapped above the front wheel.

Folding Bicycle